Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Kenmare Lace Festival!

Had a cracking time at the Kenmare Lace Festival! Met up with some lovely lace makers, some I knew already, some I never met before. Above is a pic of my bobbin lace, made in a workshop taught by amazing lacemaker Ann Keller. I am now fascinated with bobbin lace, especially with the use of metallic threads in bobbin lace. Oh, all nice and shiny! I know Textile Support in Italy runs these kind of courses. I wonder...

 I could tell you lots more about the festival, but I dont need to, as there is a lovely little video already up on Vimeo!

Welcome to Kenmare Lace from Open Eye Television on Vimeo.

Oh, I nearly forgot to say, I'm chuffed to have come 3rd in the Kenmare International Lace Competition! It was a real surprise, as to me the piece looked a little unfinished, something a bit off. But then I always say that about my work. I'm delighted that Irish Crochet is now being in held in as high regards as all the other Irish Laces! As I said in the previous post, when I get the piece back, I'll take a pic...

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