Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lino-printing Workshop with Ed Ryan

Straight after the weekend in Kenmare, I took part in a little lino-cutting workshops with artist, Ed Ryan at Meitheal Eithseala.  I love print, probably because I love book illustration, and most of early illustration was print in some form. I did a small bit of printing in college, from screen-printing to etching, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I always see lino as the underdog of printing. Less valued, appreciated and experimented with. (Not dissimilar to crochet in the textile world!). I did lino printing in school and college years ago, and occasionally use it to print off make Christmas cards. But I have always loved it. I love any craft that uses a minimum of tools, as Ed said, you can start printing for a tenner!

 Eds exhibition, 'Urban Soup' is fabulous, little stories in themselves, a play on themes and imagery.
" From the primordial soup to the Urban Soup - a series of images exploring the impact of the urban environment on both humans and animals, both of which must significantly adapt to inhabit its confines". I highly recommend you go visit his website and read more about the exhibition and see more of his work. Exceptional is the only word to describe his lino-prints.

Ed made a little video about his exhibition and workshop. (Its great all these people making videos. Saves me having to take pics!)


I have been thinking of getting back into lino, as I have some ideas for making lace, that would work really well either alongside lino-prints or inspired by them, or vice versa.  The piece I made for the Kenmare competition (I know, I have to take a pic of it yet!), is the first experimental piece of lace in this idea. So, this workshop was perfect timing.

We had to bring in ideas of what to print, of course I left this to the last min, after having such a busy weekend, and I decided to just bring a pack of cards. I am just starting to work on a project that will be inspired by playing cards, so I thought it the perfect image to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and have been suitable inspired by Ed and his work to really break out the lino and get cutting!

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