Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Post Valentia Festival!

Only a Kerry island can offer what Valentia Isle Festival offered. The most fantastic location, facing the Atlantic, with distant view of the Skellig islands. Its one of my favourite things about Kerry. So much sky! Getting to spend a few days sitting out in sunshine, watching fluffy clouds roll by.

Craft in Action, set up a lovely little craft village just at the edge of the festival. As usual, my fellow crafters were simply a delight to be around. Pat Lawless,Ken Bolger, Maura Whelan, Martha Cashman. Along with our other lovely helpers, Lisa, Conor and Darach. It was a quiet crowd, but at the same time great to be able to have proper chats with punters. All of whom were very chilled out,enjoying the days as much as us.

Two days of glorious sunshine, and then a full blown Atlantic storm. Something else, only an island on the edge of Europe can offer! The weather changed with a ferocity I haven't seen in a while. This weather front came in fast. Needless to say, the first 2 days were incredibly chilled, calm and lovely, and then it descended into a bit of madness. Some gazebos in our craft area were about to take flight, so we had to take them down at about 2am.The site was closed until about 3pm, but then re-opened. But, unfortunately, Craft in Action had to make the decision to abandon ship. It was just not safe for our little tents in those high winds. I was afraid if I opened the door, the whole thing would fly off. It is such a pity, because on looking at the forecast it looked like this weather front might miss us, but alas...

The festival itself was one of the most chilled I have ever been at. Not the high numbers they were expecting, but the venue, the layout, the artwork, were all fantastic.

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