Saturday, September 7, 2013

Valentia Isle Festival!!

I haven't finished unpacking the car, and I'm not going to bother. Instead I'm going to pack it up again, because I'm off to the Valentia Isle Festival!!

Today I did a whirlwind trip down to Valentia with fellow festival crafter, Pat Lawless. To do a site visit and confirm up last min details for a craft village. So, we're on folks!

Craft in Action are organising a craft and healing area at this years Valentia Isle Festival, and I tell you folks, its a stunner of a venue. Have got an incredible amount of work to do now this week, all decor and signs and such, but am very excited to be working with such a fab festival right here in my (adopted) home county.

There is a fantastic line-up with a huge amount of Irish bands and DJs, the cream of the land. In the most fabulous setting a festival could have. If you haven't got your ticket, well, get it now, come down for the last festival of the summer. And what a feckin great summer it has been this year!

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