Monday, December 3, 2012

November, the month I (felt like I) joined the Circus

Been a busy bee for the best part of November and am now playing catch up.  Two circus themed events happened within a few weeks of each other, both of which I made some stuff for. The Dr Stoker Circus of Horror, a charity gig in the INEC, and the decor for the Festival Club of the Tralee Circus Festival.


I didn’t get to the Dr Stoker night, but went to the Circus Festival. As usual I only took a few pics, meant to take more! 

I plan on spending the next few weeks before Christmas, and over Christmas, taking decent pics of what I made, eg signs, hotair ballons, lights, etc. Also, writing up a few long promised tutorials, and of course, eternal overhaul of the blog...

Heres some silly pics, messing in the photo booth

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