Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's finished!! (Embroidery Digital Commons)

I'm trying (desperately) to do just one project at a time. To complete that project before I move on mentally and physically to the next. Something I'm not very good at at all, I have a tendency to juggle plans and projects.

So, because I've got a a big crafting session coming up, (making some decor for Dr Stokers Truly Macabre Circus of Horrors), I've had to cram embroidery over the past few days. Not an easy thing to do. (As I always end up saying "gentle needle-arts, my ***!!")

But after many hours of stitching, many meters of thread, I've finally finished embroidering all the words for  the Embroidery Digital Commons Project. An embroidery of the text 'A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons' by the Raqs Media Collective (2003) (see previous blog post). I've yet to photo all the pieces, I'll do that over the next week. But phew! what a relief to be finally finished.

I have to say, I really, really enjoyed this project, much more than I expected. Embroidering the words gave me the time to think about the term as a whole, the individual words, the project, and travel mentally far and wide. I love letters, font, words, textiles, and a little geekery thrown in, so it summed up everything I enjoy. There is something about stitching words that makes it strong, permanent, and very powerful. Maybe that's why it is becoming the craftivist weapon of choice.

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