Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dirty White Gold

The Cotton Film : Dirty White Gold | Crowdfunding trailer from Leah Borromeo on Vimeo.

Last year, I came across a project on a crowdfunding site called Dirty White Gold. A documentary being made by Leah Borromeo on the plight of Indian Cotton Farmers. I supported it then, and I'm supporting it now. If you have any spare euros, pounds, dollars, please support this film. It needs to be made, and it needs help being made.

I can't donate much, but every little helps. It is a subject I feel very passionate about. Each and every one of us should feel passionate about this. Because in the end, our fashion industry is causing the most awful suffering. whether it is through poverty, cheap labour, the after-effects of the poisons used in the growing and manufacture of cheap cotton, both on the people and on the land. The sheer devastation of a generation of farmers committing suicide. Its shocking stuff, please read, please watch this little trailer, and please support.  If not monetarily, than vocally, tweet it, facebook it, talk about it. Nothing, no fashion brand, no style statement, no bargain buys, are worth this amount of suffering.

To sponsor the film go here: www.sponsume.com/project/cotton-film-dirty-white-gold

To follow the documentary as it is being made:
Twitter: @dirtywhitegold
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dirtywhitegoldfilm 

"The journey starts with nearly 300,000 Indian farmers who have killed themselves to escape debt. At one point, up to 26 per day. They are the price we pay for cheap cotton - trapped in a cycle of debt, brought about as a result of the industrialisation of their livelihoods. Some kill themselves by drinking the pesticides with which they farm.
At the heart of the film will be the human stories of the people who work the fields to form the threads of our moral fibre. We will ask "when you bag a bargain, who pays for it?”
Documentary journalist and troublemaker Leah Borromeo is making a film about fashion and its real victims. She is on a mission – she wants to make ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry the norm, not the exception, by making the supply chain transparent.  And she is on a journey to find out how to make this a reality."

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