Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Awards Finalist!

blog awards ireland

I really am very, very, pleasantly surprised to be a finalist in this year’s Blogs Award Ireland. I’ve had lovely well-wishers on Facebook and Twitter, saying I deserve it, I’m great, etc. Yeah, I am great, I get that. No seriously I do, I work goddamn hard (obsessively so) to promote crafts, especially textiles, as an everyday part of life, of my life and of other peoples life, but I honestly don't get being a finalist ... I mean, have you seen the other blogs? 

They are beautiful, all colour/theme co-ordinated., all lovely tutorials, and...just beautiful. I feel like the county bumpkin, the acrylic to their organic silk, the polyester to their Egyptian cotton. I’m more like Ronseal, it does exactly what it said on the tin. I did exactly what Blogger told me to do, I set up my blog and a few years later, haven’t changed much. I would love to, but I’m far too erratic and it eats away at my crafting time.

I was at a meeting last Sat with some lovely ladies organising a charity event. (That’ll probably be the next blog post,). They were looking for decor ideas. I wasn’t quite sure if I would be any use to them, and I pretty much said straight out, I’m a cardboard and sticky tape kinda gal. And luckily for all, that was what they wanted, cheap and cheerful. (This recession is the making of me, my thrifty skills are now valued!!)

And that's what this blog is, thrifty. But its proof if this blog can get to a finals, anyone can do it. And in the end that is the essence of blogging. To share a little bit of who you are, and what you love (or hate if you are a ranty kinda person), with the world, for free.

I won’t get to the Awards night, I’m sure it’ll be a laugh, but I might have my winner’s speech on hand in case they need to video-link me....

(And if the weekend couldn't get any better, my son won a few tress in the raffle a t the Harvest Festival in Tralee, and I managed to score a load of wood from a skip outside the Hillgrove Hotel! They were pulling out the dancefloor. I'm half tempted to feck the idea of building raised beds from my waterlogged garden, and installing an outdoor dancefloor decking instead!)


Anonymous said...

really love this post, the other finalists all have beautiful blogs, but they lack your personality, good luck

Stitchlily said...

Thank you Anonymous for your kind words!
(.....I swear, this is not a comment from my mother)