Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Advice (from my most honest critic)

This is the conversation I had with my 5yr old, the other morning, whilst getting him ready for school

Child: What are you doing today?
Me: I have to meet a few people
Child: Are you going to be chatting about 'the thing'
Me: Yes, I'm going to be chatting about 'the thing'
Child: You are doing a lot of chatting about the thing. Are you going to do any work?
Me (laughs)
Child: You haven't done any work in ages. You haven't made anything in ages.
Me: (not quite laughing) I know. I'd much rather be making something
Child: Then stop chatting and make something

He's right! He's bloody right! I gotta stop chatting and make something. I have been so caught up with 'the thing', talking/planning/writing/dreaming about 'the thing'. Its eating away at my making time.

You just gotta love kids! If we brought kids to meetings, they'd be honest, over very fast, and probably have ice-cream and fizzy drinks. I think we should always bring a kid to a meeting.

And to cheer me up (because he knows me too well, and knows I'll start going crazy if I don't make something soon), he drew me some pictures. I know mothers naturally love their kids pictures, but well...its tear jerking stuff....

a jumper for each of us

a rug for each of us
( he pointed out the knots on the rugs in his picture...)

My most honest and most inspiring critic

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