Sunday, April 29, 2012

Embroidery Bender....

I've been up to a few things the past few weeks, but of course, haven't gotten it together to blog about it. But here's an update on the Embroidery Digital Commons Project, I had a lovely weekend, catching up with friends I haven't seen in ages, and... going on an embroidery bender...

Embroidery, I think, doesn't suit me as much as other thread crafts. I'm a thinker, a procrastinator, a debater, and the more I embroidered, the more I thought, and the more I thought, the more I debated, and the more I debated, the more I thought about the things I wanted to do, and the way things should be done and then, of course...the more the threads got knotted... you get the picture. I understand now why it is the craftivist weapon of choice. All I could think about was the possibilities; of embroidering rebellious and/or slightly rude slogans. Every word, every letter takes so much time and thought to embroider, to think about....

I think I'm more suited to crafts that have a more physical focus, such as weaving, or felting. Definitely weaving, I do miss the roughness of using an old loom, like wrestling a crocodile. But then again, crochet falls into the 'gentle' factor and I seem to do that fine without procrastination.. and look, you see, I'm rambling. I'll fully admit I'm partial to the ole ramble, but embroidery makes me even more so!

But I am really enjoying this project. And after embroidering my first full sentence, am looking forward to doing more. I have a few volunteers, to do some stitching over the next few weeks. I'd love to meet up, chat, drink coffee and stitch, with any volunteers, but I know that isn't always possible. So, if anyone is really interested in doing a line..., just let me know. Here's how I have divided up the paragraph. Pick one, say I'll do it, and its yours...

Iteration: An articulation,
When seen as an event,
is an iteration.
Utterances, whispers,
Manifesto's, graffiti, stories,
Rumours and fragments
Of poetry found in the streets
- each of these are iterations.
The organised rendition of a stretch of code
 is also an iteration.
Iteration implies
a willingness to say something,
and access to the means of saying it,
and a time in which it can be said.
Every iteration resonates
through orbiting memes
that are set off on their vectors
by the fact of an utterance.
An iteration is the kernel of a recension.
It needs to be said, and then said again.

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