Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lace Inspired (...0bsessed...): Part 1

Apart from the Lace Seminar I'm helping to organise (next weekend!!!), I have another reason to be Lace Obsessed, I mean Inspired. As well as doing the Electric Picnic, (hopefully, still TBC!) this year I've been asked to take part in a mini Greencrafts village at the Body and Soul Festival

My theme for EP this year is 'Lace Inspired', and I thought I had the whole summer to be inspired and crafty, but with the Body and Soul in June, the pressure is on to make Lace. Its not the easiest thing to do under pressure, with a short amount of time... I've been gathering up inspirational pictures on Pinterest (lots and lots of pictures). It all began with a Doily DIY Lampshade and some Lace covered Stones And a whole lot of other amazing Lace photos.

So, I started Lace-making. Now when I looked at all the DIY projects, they all either used vintage or cheap handmade doily's. You won't get vintage in Ireland for cheap (or even find any), then I went into a shop and bought 3 small doily's for €1 each. Afterwards the guilt weighted too heavily on me. Just because it is crocheted in Asia, does not mean it is any less handmade, and it appals me to see such work go for so cheap. Each day when I read about the destruction the textile industry is causing to people, to the environment, I feel the need to get more pro-active in my belief in recycling/upcycling, and any other cycling I can think of. So, lots of ideas out the window, because I'll have to make all the lace myself, and I'm not going to buy any new yarn for it. Enough chat, you get the gist, lots of Lace blog posts coming up over the summer.

Here's my first project:

Lace Lampshades!!!
Here's my version of the Doily Lampshade.

The 1st one was made of a series of different doily's, but it took too long to make them, then put them together.

Then I tried a different version crocheting the top and bottom, and then crocheting over the balloon

Still took too long, so I came up with a pattern and new method that is relatively quick and easy!! So here is the final prototype. It didn't dry completely even as it got josled about a bit.

As usual I had to take lots of pics, a I loved the light coming through.

and more pics messing around with the light and colour.

(my favourite kinda blue!!)

I have more plans for this baby, but I guess you just gotta come to The Body and Soul Festival to see the final design...

Body & Soul Festival, JUNE 18th & 19th
Ballinlough Castle,


Scarlet Dash said...

Beautiful, thank for blogging the process. X

365DaysOfCrochet said...

What an actually fantastic idea! I used to do a lot of paper mache (sp?) when I was younger. I bet with smaller versions, you could make some fantastic christmas ornaments as well!