Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on 'The Story of Lace' at the 2011 Pan Celtic Festival

This is where I double up on The Woolly Way blog, but there I have to try to sound impartial and official... here I get to be a bit more unprofessional and say Woohoo!!

16 Lacemakers form The Traditional Lacemakers of Ireland Guild are travelling over for the seminar, including internationally renowned Veronica Stuart. (Who I had a lovely lunch with, last Saturday in the Phoenix Restaurant in Keel)

Members of the Shaw-Smith family (makers of the Hands TV series will be personally attending the seminar. I have recieved a copy of the Lace making episode, that we will be viewing, and it is really amazing. (We are amazing, as in Ireland is amazing, as in Lacemakers are amazing. One of the most lively, enthusiastic and most of all encouraging groups I have dealt with, its about time we started appreciating the wealth of our textile history... sorry, stop rant before it goes on....)

We are throwing in a book launch too, because, well, why not. Two books Clones Lace, and Youghal Lace have been revised and reprinted recently, so we are going to officially launch them at the event.

There still a few places at the workshops, you can download registration forms from here

That's enough for now, worn out with the excitement. And I still have to try get something together for Gig sa Tig, more on that later...

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