Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Pattern...

A friend of mine called round the other day, and you know, in politeness said, "what have you been up to"?. I told her all about the Irish Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral Reef, and she just groaned. Not that again. She'd heard enough about it last year. But I said, I've spent the last week writing up a new pattern. Ta DA!!! And she burst out laughing.
-"What the ..... is it"?
-"It's a Curly Whirly for the Irish Reef".
"Why don't you design something useful?"
"Why? There's enough useful stuff out there, why make more.....".

Painters, they are all the same, no appreciation for the fibre things in life. Took me ages to write out this pattern, to make all the test samples. Now I just need some willing victims to test it out for me. Any takers?

Presenting The Curly Whirly

Not hyperbolic, but there was a lot of math involved in writing up this pattern!! Margaret Wertheim had said in the workshop, to try and think vertical, while making coral for the Irish Reef. So I made these. I plan on decorating them with a bit of fluffy, or maybe some mini-hyperbolics to add to the top. In the pattern I have written up the theory behind the twist, so I'm hoping folk will adapt it for themselves.

Here's a few samples of different shapes you can make


Debbie said...

OOh, very funky! : ))
Like the idea of adding fluffies - sort of sea-anemone-ish.

Lynley said...

In Albany Western Australia we are having an exhibtion for the coral reef project as part of the Perth International Arts Festival in Feb 2010. I am madly hyperbolic crocheting for it and have taken your pattern as it looks great. I had been thinking of doing tubes but yours are even better so thanks

Stitchlily said...

If you have any problems just let me know. I'm actually trying to make a Curly Whirly tea-pot cosy at the moment...