Friday, January 16, 2009

Joseph Albers in Lisburn!

I've just heard there is a Joseph Albers exhibition on in Lisburn! I have never seen an exhibition of his, and its of Silk-Screened prints, which I do like....I have his book, Interaction of Colour, which I enjoyed. Yet I read it with a kind of, HA!

This new way of looking, is actually a re-working of a lot of very old textile techniques, of dyeing and colour blending for Tapestry..Lucky for him his wife was a textile genius. Anni Albers was behind the incredibly successful textile workshops at the Bauhaus School. The only financially successful workshop, I might add. So, I reckon, its the great woman behind the man syndrome...

Now I've just checked a route planner, which according to the AA Ireland, is 280.00 miles away, roughly 5 hr 55 min, without pee stops, food stops, tractors, road works, etc...

It probably isn't worth a 6/7/8 hour drive, but it is tempting because its history in the making. I'm a big fan of the whole Bauhaus scene (the art movement not the band. Still you cant beat, Bela Lugosi's Dead...). Klee has a special place in my heart, as does Kandinsky....

I used to move house every couple of years, even months at one stage of my life. And now I have been living in the same place for a few years, and the same County for several more, my hobo tendencies are starting to get a bit rattled. I'm like that girl in the book Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: that starts to hitch-hike around the room because shes going mad living in the same spot.

I do feel like hopping in the car and taking off, but maybe I should find something a bit closer to home...In fact I should be working on several projects but feel a bit lackadaisical at the moment.

  • I have to make a kids knitted cable cardigan for someone...
  • I have to try get something together for the Crochet Liberation Fronts Second Ever Book
  • I have to go to Galway to collect my inkle looms (again sorry, I haven't done it sooner)
  • I have to start my bloody Etsy shop!
  • I have to sort my workroom, its a mess
  • I have to start thinking of ideas for the latest Cork Textile Network exhibition...
  • what else...tidy the garden, start getting my early spuds together for planting, make something for my ma's approaching birthday, take-over the world....(na na na na na na you cant help doing the theme tune to Pinky and the Brain after that one..I used to have it as a ring tone on my phone..)

And now for something completely different...Psychiatrist Dr Karen Norberg, of National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent a year knitting an anatomically correct replica of the human brain


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