Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspiration for 2009

I first came across the Manchester Craft Mafia because of Sackboy. They were invited by Media Molecule to the Little Big Planet launch, to do customized workshops in making your very own Sackboy. I love keeping track of what this fantastic craft group are doing. It makes my heart ache for something similar here in Ireland. Its one of the reasons I set up The Woolly Way of Ireland. If The Woolly Way was even a fraction of a success like the MCM,I would be very very happy....unfortunately, at the moment its a one-person show (mine!) and trying to get it off the ground is taking its toll, and time on all the other things I'd like to do. That's why I feel inspired by what they are doing over the water. I feel I'm not really crazy to believe something like this can exist. I have such grandiose ideas for the Woolly Way, apart from it being a textile directory, networking site,forum, I had plans (eventually) to try take it on the road,doing a Woolly Way Roadshow! I got such a great reception last year at the Electric Picnic Music Festival, I really thing there is interest in it.

I haven't voiced a lot of my plans before, because, this is Ireland after all, and if people who know me think its a bit odd, what will the rest of the country think...So, imagine my delight when I get the latest update from Manchester Craft Mafia to tell me about UK DIY a craft uprising in the north west of England :: a series of events, exhibitions and projects exploring DIY crafts across the UK The project stems from all things ironic, political, environmental, fun and subversive found within contemporary craft, communities, and entrepreneurial makers.

Then, I come across these The Great British Craft Tour

This is the kind of stuff I dream about doing. Getting on the road in a VW van and driving all around the country gathering all the info you need. This is pretty much what I had in mine for the Woolly Way. I don't just want to get lists out of the phonebook, I want to physically gather the info, visit the venues, talk to anyone who has an interest in textiles from makers to seller. What I had hoped was to get a number of volunteers around the country to check out their areas,but the uptake is very slow(hint,hint) so I guess I'll just have to hit the road myself...

My New Years Resolution consisted of

1) more action less talk

2)trying to be less grumpy in the mornings...

So, this will prob be my only rant for along time, but I needed to get that out, or I would have burst! I am so excited about the way textiles is going in other countries, its everything I've dreamed about. But if I say this out loud to anyone around me, they just switch off. In fact they are so uninterested in what I do, or want to do that I don't even tell them. When people ask me what I am up to I say nothing, I'm just a stay-at-home-mum lost in Suburbia..with insane woolly things on my mind...

Viva la Revolution!

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