Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Green Banana Hats

What I want to know is where do people get the time, to read all the blogs, to browse through all the photos sites? I'm a search and rescue kinda person. I get in, I read a bit, I get out again. I would love to have more time to browse, but generally I don't. I use Flickr to host my photos online, and very occasionally, I browse through it, well I used to before I started this blog. It amazes me, especially on Flickr, where you can immediately see each others photos, how people get a notion about one particular thing. They create a group about it, browse through all the photos and send out invitations to people to add their photo. I've been invited to share a few of my photos, the Sackboy/Sackgirl ones with Little Big Planet, and Sackboy, Sea Life Fibre Art. And you do feel like your work is being appreciated by people interested in the same subject matter.

But today I received what I think is my most bizarre invitation to date. One of the hats I made for the Big Knit, was a banana hat, and today I got an invitation to share that photo with the Green Banana Hats. There are a few knitted or crocheted banana hats, but yes, folks, it is mostly made up of pics of people with bananas on their heads. Would you believe there is 178 members and has 280 photos!! As I said, where do people get the time...

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