Monday, August 18, 2008

More on the Gathering

I've been trying and trying to get my thoughts into some sort of shape, but its just not working, so forget sentences here's what I was happy about...

Friendly helpers
no phone it get run over on arrival and it was actually nice to not be contactable for a few days, but a bit nerve-wracking while driving home late with very little petrol)
the Lentil Disorder stand veggie breakfast wraps hand cut chips and ooh those falafal wraps
Irish Cider was very very agreeable
the incense that kept the wasps away
the coffee lattes and other caffeinated drinks
bringing my wellies
tent not leaking
over-packing clothes
catching up with friends and family
the beautiful setting
the chat
the atmosphere
the choice of music
the kids yoga was fun wet but fun
my toddler dancing with all his might
the smoothies on the double-decker bus
the interesting stands
the funny camel costume
the fresh air

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