Friday, August 15, 2008

Irish Green Gathering

A week later and I still haven't recovered from the Irish Green Gathering. I'm still in a muddy daze. It'll be a while before I can gather my thoughts on it I'm so busy with other stuff, but all I can say was I had a fantastic time.

What a great festival!

A bit too hippy dippy in parts for me, but overall a great place, atmosphere, and time for both adults and children. It was my first time camping with Toddler, and it was tough coping with the rain, but as long as you had your wellies, you were grand... Apologies to anyone who was expecting me to be man-ing my little stand, but due to toddler impatience, I had to keep moving. I'd love to have been more active, so if theres a next year, I plan on either not bringing toddler or bringing a babysitter. Well done to all the organisers, all you're hard work paid off...

I didn't take as many photos as usual, but here are a few snaps of things I liked...

Wire and mud sculpture

Grotto walk

You cant see it very well, but this camel was amazing


Irene said...

How I wanted to be there, but it wasn't to be! Thanks for sharing the pix!

Stitchlily said...

Theres some lovely pics on Flickr, posted by the Irish Green Gathering. If you can go next year, go. It was so chilled out, mud and all.