Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tiki Tiki!

My most popular blog post of all time is my 'How to draw a Tiki Head' post. I find it fascinating and amusing, how many people want to draw tiki heads!! Apart from me that is...I'm glad people are getting some use out of my tiki head tutorials. They are popping up all over the interweb, which is great. (As long as they remain free, if I find anyone charging, there'll be trouble!)

So, why am I talking tiki again? Well, I got a lovely email from a gentleman asking to use a tiki head for printing onto fabric. He was making some kind of TV show, and wanted to use one of my tiki designs to make gifts for the contestants. I just finished making him a special tiki head, and cant wait to see it in print. I love little commissions like this, they make my day!

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