Tuesday, June 17, 2014

XXIV Mostra do Encaixe de Camarinas

Souvenirs from Galicia; shells, bones, bobbins, fans and posters

(Day 1 of my 10 Week Blog a Week Challenge)

I spent the weekend, trying to think of what I could blog about today, and I realised I never put any pics up of the trip to Spain! I was so busy when I returned home, it went clean out of my head. So here's a (very rough), little slide show of photos of the XXIV Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas. I had a wonderful time, was treated royally by the organisers, and was so well looked after by my friend, La Reina de Lace, published author and incredible teacher,  Marina Regueiro, that I could have stayed forever.

The event itself was busy, we were open until 9pm every day, but luckily, there were some lovely Tourism students from the nearby university, that helped invigilate, so the participants could get to see other elements of the festival, and also do little trips around the area. All my official pamphlets and blurb are in the studio, I don't have them to hand, so I will edit this post (eventually), to add in particulars of people I met, and places I visited. I had planned on making a little video, with clips I filmed, so hopefully I will get that done soon!

It would be fantastic to have an Irish presence at this festival every year, something, I myself, wouldn't be able to do. So, if any lacemakers out there would be interested in going, please get in touch, and I'll gladly share the particulars.

I have to say a special thank you to Dingle Distillery and local artist, Deirdre McKenna, who sponsored me some gifts which were distributed to Mayor of Camariñas, the Minister of Lace, and the Festival organisers. I also brought some locally made seasalt chocolate and seaweed cheese, which the Galicians loved, considering our shared maritime heritage.

And a thank you to the Design and Craft Council of Ireland who part-funded the trip through  The Continued Professional Development (CPD) Fund

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