Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting my blogging (and making) mojo back

The last few months have been hectic, but I cant show you why, because 2 weeks ago my bag was stolen from a pub, and as well as my keys, purse, bankcards, etc, my phone, with all my latest pictures was taken too! I have been in limbo land , trying to get new keys, new cards and trying to gather phone numbers. Alongside that, I had to abandon my broken car in Cork for a week. But...
I have just finished a huge backlog of work and paperwork over the last few months or so, and because I'm taking a break from working at festivals this year, I have a whole summer ahead of stress free bliss. (Relatively of course, hard to be stress free living in Ireland at the moment, very much a feeling in the air that the country, led by our politicians, is heading down the swanny).

I want to get back into drawing, designing, making and dreaming. Something I have not felt the freedom of since I left college. I went to college late, as a mature student, and although, technically, I didnt need to go, I already had a lot of self-taught craft skills and experience under my belt, but I would recommend it to everyone for the sheer freedom of thought. OK, you have schedules, and deadlines, but you get to play! Play with materials, ideas, the 24 hour focus you will be able to do on drawing and designing, is incredible. And I miss it. So,  my plan for the coming weeks, before I get bogged down in the 3 P's (planning, plotting and paperwork) again, is to dream and create, get my making mojo back. And this includes my blogging mojo too! I love seeing the process of design on other peoples blogs, but rarely do it myself, so I am setting a challenge to myself, a blog post a week for the next, mm, lets say, 10 weeks. Lets see how that goes... If anyone wants to join in, let me know and I'll link (encourage and coax) you!!


Rebecca Kennedy said...

You poor thing! That is awful to have your bag taken. And what a pain it is to have to get a new license and report cards stolen ,etc. I hope you have gotten it all taken care of now.

Stitchlily said...

Thanks Rebecca. Got everything sorted...eventually. I was just starting to gather all my tel numbers again, and then I went and lost my replacement phone. DOH! Its been that kind of a summer.