Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kenmare Lace Festival

Am spending this week, trying to get my piece together for the Kenmare Lace Festival Competition. Finished and sent to the framers. I don't usually block my motifs before putting them together. But working in black wool, as opposed to white cotton, is harder on the eyes, hands, and is sticking up all over the place. These foam kids play mats, are great for blocking.

This is the first year of the festival and the competition and it is working up to be a fantastic event. A few years ago I went to Kenmare, specifically to see the little Lace Museum, run by Nora Finnegan. I have the great pleasure of meeting her daughter Emer, in Italy at the Lace Symposium. I have such admiration for Nora and Emer, who are doing such wonderful work promoting Kenmare Lace. I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend in Kenamre, in their lovely company. I'm hopefully, finally, to have a go at bobbin lace. I recently got a few bobbin pins in an auction, and am I'm dying to try them out

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