Monday, July 29, 2013

Knotted, Crocheted, Cut and Spun

Well, what an incredible workshop! I am genuinely surprised by the turn-out at last Thursdays workshop in Dingle Library. It was fantastic! A real mix of gender, age, skills and expertise.

I was joined by local man, Danny Mac an tSithigh, who presented a few knots to the group. We, then proceeded to learn these knots and share ones we knew already. I was teaching a few knots, then demonstrated how to make plarn (plastic yarn), and we crocheted and knotted some of the plastic. I brought my drop spindles along, and there was even a bit of plarn spinning going in. I was joined by a few fellow maker friends, and we all had a ball chatting all things string with a little bit of life thrown in. My favourite kind of workshop!

My idea of a successful workshop, is a table full of samples, a head full of stories, and smiles on people walking out the door. (Esp if half the class walk out the door and up to the pub, for a pint and a continuation of the crafty chat. The plus side of an evening workshop...). A big thank you to everyone who gave up a lovely sunny evening, to play with string.

You can see some photos on Facebook:

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