Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post Electric Picnic

 Back home, clean and dry and already I'm up the walls with new projects, so I better put the Electric Picnic to bed. I know I said I'd take more photos, and I did take some, but still not a whole lot. I didn't round the whole of the Greencrafts areas, let alone the festival!!

My fav area, apart from Greencrafts area, naturally, was The Trailer Park, The stage was fantastic, the deckchairs was very comfy, and we saw 2 great bands. The 1st, an Elvis cover band, dont know the name, but it suited the place perfect, and John Blek and the Rats. Who had played in Dingle over the summer, but I missed them. The Tiki Bar, although in a lovely trailer, was a bit disappointing. A few plastic pics of hula girls, and that was it. I was a bit disappointed with Trenchtown as well. If Lidl did reggae decorations, well, Trenchtown bought them. Really not impressed with it this year, not much of an atmosphere. Well, when I was there anyway. Maybe it got better later...

But overall, had a fantastic time, the weather was dreamy, and camping under beautiful horse chestnut trees, was divine! I was very sensible, didn't drink too much, slept surprisingly well, but I must admit, ate an awful lot. The food is always fantastic, and my helper Aideen, a master chef for the weekend. I saw some half decent instillation's, (the crows were the best). Met up with  up with lots of old friends and made some new ones. The most chilled relaxed EP I've ever had. And to come home with tents and stuff dry... Perfect!

We did a good bit of walking, lingered at most bands. I always prefer to seek out new music, rather than listen to ones I already know. Yes, I saw The Cure, and although a big fan of their early stuff, a 3 hours set was just too much time, so I didnt stay long. The 2 bands that really struck me were...


Staff Benda Bilili

So a few of the few photos

Kate the Blacksmith



Rush/Straw work 

I had a little time to do a copper workshop

What a beautiful tent!!

and a lovely spinning wheel...

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