Monday, July 2, 2012

Interweave Crochet Magazine Summer 2012

When I got back from the Body and Soul Festival, I had a lovely package waiting for me -the summer issue of Interweave Crochet!

Máire Treanor has been writing a series of feature articles for Interweave Crochet Magazine on Clones Lace. In the edition above, Summer 2012 (part 4 of the series), Máire writes about modern interpretations of Irish Crochet in the Former Soviet Republics and around the world. I've blogged before (here) about the fantastic Duplet Magazine, an Irish Crochet Magazine form the Ukraine, and she mentions another Zhurnal MOD. You can find them both here 

I attended Máires lace workshop, 2 years running, in Monaghan a few years back, and have been pretty much hooked on lace since. I was delighted when she asked me to submit some pictures of my lace for inclusion in the article, and even more delighted to find the picture in the magazine and the magazine in my letter box! The lovely Máire had sent me a copy herself. (Thank you Maire!!)

Máire runs The Cassandra Hand Summer School of Lace in Clones, and other workshops throughout the year. If you are thinking of trying Irish Crochet lace, I cannot reccommend her classes enough. Not just for the knowledge and skills being shared but for the company; the very enjoyable few days to be spent in the company of some amazingly talented women.

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