Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Other things that are annoying me...

It'll probable be another few weeks before I post what I'm up to, have a few busy weeks ahead, but I didn't want to leave the blog on a ranty note. But then, there are loads of things really annoying me at the moment. So might as well get it all off my chest now. These are thing worth getting annoyed about, talking about. Its about trying to save the few good things left we have in Ireland, but also supporting the people, who are working tirelessly to keep the stupid actions of our governing bodies to a minimum. It takes a barely a minute to sign the petitions, so please, sign the petitions, join the Facebook groups, virtual protesting, you don't even have to leave your couch, so why not! If Hughs Fish Fight can generate 786,270 signatures on a petition to stop fishing waste in the North Sea and 135,000 tweets, surely to Christ we can do a bit better to support petitions that affect each and every Irish person!!

 County Kerry By-Law Protest

Protest Swims are happening around Kerry, to stop our County Council from bringing in a range of stupid by-laws, eg no swimming near piers without permission, photography/filming licences, mooring fees for small boats, pay parking at beaches. More info on Facebook  Kerry Harbour Protest
Petition here:

People in Ireland have joined millions of people worldwide repaying unjust and illegitimate ‘debts’.

Petition here: 

No GM Trials in Ireland
Teagasc ( The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority) is applying for a licence to to plant GM potatoes in Irish fields, no2gm are calling all people and organisations involved in the Irish food industry to cease co-operation with Teagasc until they abandon this trial. No2gm also calls on the Irish government to investigate this misappropriation of limited public funds.

Sign here to call  for a 5-year moratorium on growing GM crops and food in Ireland because not enough is yet known about GM crops

There's lots more things annoying me, but hopefully by my next blog post, I'll just get back to doing, what I do best, making stuff, and talking about making stuff.


Máire Uí Neachtain said...

Thank you so much for bringing this stupid law about piers to my attention. I have been going to Iveragh for over 30 years, and swimming and boating from a small pier and am horrified to think that this could be curtailed. Do the KCC actively want to discourage people from holidaying in Kerry? What is the point of this? You are dead right to be annoyed. I will spread the word about this!!

Stitchlily said...

Hi Máire, yea, it is incredible, that they would try bring in these laws. They spend vast fortunes not only trying to encourage tourists, but also for people to get out, and be healthy. I think the vote on the by-laws has been postponed for the moment, but it could easily come up again.