Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brandon Bay Surf Classic 2012

Well, my ranty posts seem to be popular, lots of readers, few emails and some nice chat on Facebook about toughening up. Should moan more often...but no, life's too goddamn short, and the sun is shining. Yes, for several days now the sun has been shining in Ireland, and its so nice to see people going round with smiles on their faces. It just reminds us all what a beautiful country we live in, despite what our politicians get up to. So, I've been offline, tidying up the garden, beach walks, picnics, and making some decorations, that thankfully are drying fast in the sun....Remember I said I was going to give up craft fairs, and doing stuff for free...well, I don't mean to be hypocritical, but I have just one more to do. I know I'm being hypocritical, but I had agreed to this before my rant, so its gotta be done. Anyway its a fun one. I'm making some stuff to help jazz up the marquee of the Brandon Bay Surf Classic. Very cheap, very cheerful, and of course very last minute. I'm thinking bunting, flowers, ribbons, driftwood and maybe a bicycle wheel, we'll see...Yup, its for tomorrow, so gotta get crafting. And I get to try flog my latest obsession, knots. Need to make some money to buy some new string! But thats for another blog post.

 The Brandon Bay Surf Classic! 
31st March - 1st April 2012

As well as the Surf competition there will be:
Surf Expo - Surf expo will be running from the Marquee with local shapers and retailers displaying their wares and happy to handle your passing queries.
Local Arts & Crafts - Mingle with the friendly locals and take the time to view and enjoy some of the local arts and crafts.
Environmental - Wise up to some of the local and national issues affecting you and your environment!
Give a little - volunteer and recruit your mates to participate in the Maharees Annual Beach Cleanup. Drive awareness of how precious and fragile our coastal regions truly are. It's for the greater good and you're conscience is guaranteed some Stoke for sure! will be present at The Marquee to discuss the issues surrounding the exploitation of our countries natural resources by Big Oil and other large commercial interests with no dividend or benefits to Irish Citizens during a time of National recession. Why are we giving it all away?

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