Monday, January 16, 2012

Weaving Dreams...

Weaving Dreams is neither a metonymy or a metaphor, I literally had a weaving dream last night, a dream about weaving. I dreamt I went into a quite large charity shop, and was browsing around, looking at knickknacks, and then about to leave. I stopped to chat to the shop assistant, when I suddenly spotted an antique spinning wheel. It was almost like a chakra type wheel, such as Ghandi used.

I went over for a closer look. It was beautiful, mahogany coloured, worn but still in working order. Then I spotted an inkle loom... a table loom, and behind me popped up a floor loom! I got very excited! Then, I got the chill, you know the one, when dreams are about to go bad. I saw someone eyeing up the spinning wheel, and was trying to make my way around all the stuff, to get to the counter to buy it up, but the counter seemed suddenly very far away, then I woke up.

I have always been a dreamer, crazy dreams kinda dreamer. I don't watch violent movies or TV shows, because I am, well, soft. I will inevitable dream about it, in gory detail. But this was bizarre, I don't think I've ever had a shopping dream, let alone a spinning wheel in my dreams. I spent the day mulling it over, and then it hit me, where all the influences were coming from, and here they are.  

I watched this video:

And this movie:

So, how could this movie make me dream about weaving and not pirates? Here's why. Recognise the loom???? (Screenshots taken from about 44 seconds into Part 1)

3: I had a chat with my mum about mahogany furniture.

4: I had also dusted off my antique spinning wheel, apologising to it, for not restoring it yet...

God I am so susceptible to media influence. No more children's TV, or music videos for me... Or maybe I should just start spinning and weaving again.

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