Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Christmas and New Year!

(Had to edit this post to stick this in. My little man has written his first christmas card!)

I know I wont get it together to write another blog post before Christmas, or even New Year, so I'm sending out my greetings now.  Many years ago, when I lived in Dublin, I used to hang out an awful lot in the Central Library in the Ilac Centre, especially in the music section. Leon was one of the musical discoveries I made there. If you have to listen to a Christmas songs, it just has to be his Christmas Island album. (Who else could do a cover of Frosty the Snowman with Dr John!!)

So, heres a little Christmas Cheer from Leon Redbone.

And if your're not into cheer here


sheknitupthatball said...

happy christmas to you too!

Stitchlily said...
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Stitchlily said...

Opps, duno what I did there, deleted my own comment!! Meant to say, same to you, have a good one.