Friday, October 14, 2011

The Really Rather Retro Romp!!

Remember I said how much I loved the Gramaphone Disco at this years Electric Picnic? (If you dont, read the post-EP post). Well, so did Kate and Michelle, 2 other ladies from Dingle. And on our return home, we have plotted and planned, and we have now come up with our own Vintage Disco!

Kate of Bijou Entertainment did the beautiful drawings for our poster and tickets, and together we are plotting and painting, sticking and stitching to create vintage visuals influenced by bones, kitch and chinz!

The DJ for the night is none other than Electric Picnic Gramaphone Disco DJ, whose collection of jazz, ragtime, rockabilly, blues, country and world music will have you dancing your spats off. There isn't a dress code, but dressing to excess is advised...vintage, burlesque, steampunk whatever tickles your fancy. It is Halloween Week, so anything goes...

Tickets are now on sale in McCarthys Bar and Re-Nua Health Food Shop, Dingle. Tickets are limited, so you are well advised to buy your ticket in advance. (Seriously, I'm not just saying that because I want to sell tickets, they were selling even before we made them!)

I'll probably either talk about nothing else for the next 2 weeks, or not talk at all! And add it to my backlog of projects I must blog about. Either way, if you can make it out on Thursday the 3rd of November, it'll be a night to dance, chat, plain old time party. The big decidion is now what to wear....

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