Monday, October 10, 2011

Cork Textiles Network

I've been in the CTN for a few years now, and am a pretty, well, crap member. They run several exhibitions a year, (I barely get it together to do one), run workshops, an amazing conference (which I got to last year!), and have 2 AGMs a year. I finally made it to an AGM (my first one!), and although it is a bit of a trek for me from Kerry, I am glad I did. I got to meet and chat with these fantastic members, put faces to names, vote on future events, and just generally feel part of a wonderful textile community. The Conference for 2012 in now in UCC, a sign of not only its popularity but its reputation. It is getting a great reputation abroad, as a very professionally run event. You don't have to live in Cork to be a member, in fact there is now a large non-Cork membership base. I do feel guilty for not being able to volunteer to hang or monitor exhibitions, or get to regular meetings. but the Cork crowd do understand that, and appreciate any other support given such as admin or internet support.

If more non-Cork members join we can start sub-groups, maybe meet up regular ourselves, share the driving/costs of going to the meetings. There are also other events such as The Knitting and Stitching Show that happen in Dublin. I cant say enough good words about the exhibitions, and would love to have a piece in every one! But going to and from Cork is a difficulty, not in costs but also in time. Again, this is where non-Corkonian members can help each other out, either share the costs, or take turns in traveling. One does the drop off, another the pick-up.anyway, enough of the speech, here's the latest CTN news

The Knitting and Stitching Show, RDS, Dublin
10th - 13th November 2011

A retrospective of selected members work

The Colour of Sound
The Cork School of Music
Thursday 24th November until 21st December 2011

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