Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Mushrooms, and more spots...

The worst part about getting chickenpox as an adult is not the scratching, (calamine and liquid anti-histamine are quite an anti-scratch combo), its the resting. How do you rest as much as you need to? I watched lots of films, read a lot, and then, once the spots eased a bit, threw myself into getting stuff done. The kind of stuff I had been meaning to do for ages. And the first one up is...Mushrooms!

I've made a good few mushrooms now, most for display at EP, but I finally got it together to write out the pattern for a small one. Its in the testing phase, and will be up on the blog soon.

These babies are now off to Bournemouth, UK, to be part of a wonderful project by artist, Pauline Stanley. She is creating a textile garden in the library. "An intergenerational community knitting/crochet project were we are knitting a 3D garden to climb, creep, blossom over 3 floors of Bourenmouth Library in an exhibition in May 2011.Participants of any age or ability welcome". She's looking for all manner of flowers, vegetables, leaves, etc, so if you have the time, make something for this wonderful exhibit. More info on her blog. http://bloomingmarvellous1.blogspot.com/ You never know I might finally get round to writting up my lemon/apple/pear/carrot patterns too! They all went off to the Manna Organic Farm, in Gleann na nGealt, Co. Kerry.

It is ironic I spent my invalid time sewing spots onto mushrooms, but then I went one step off the cliff, and messed around with said spots on the computer.

I have now had enought of spots thank you very much!


sheknitupthat said...

They're such cute little mushrooms! That project sounds really interesting, thanks for the link.

Stitchlily said...

thanks! Yea, the project sounds great, cant wait to see pics of how it turns out.