Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pan Celtic Festival 2011

Whenever people ask me what am I up to, I can't think of anything to say. But I know I have been up to something as I suffer from fiddlyitus, I am always up to something. But lately, it's been more a case of thinking. I've been doing a lot of thinking. And yes, it involves thinking of yarnie things, day-dreaming about possible yarnie projects, (and how to take over the world, of course).

So, what have I been thinking about? Well, for once one of my schemes/projects has come into fruition. I was chatting to the lovely Máire Treanor at the last Clones Lace workshop, about a possible trip to Brittany in the Spring to do crochet lace workshops. I love Brittany, having spent a month there, years ago, (drinking cider, dancing at Fez Noz, and generally having a ball). This book has sparked it off for me...

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And also Maire has just re-printed her wonderful book

Breton Lace and Irish Lace are interlinked. Though technique, nuns, common historical disasters (famine) and general Celticness...So, when I hear the Pan Celtic Festival was going to be in Dingle again in 2011, I contacted the committee about doing a possible textile event, (I think I scared them with my enthusiasm)... Long story, several emails later, we have official approval!!

Here's what’s planned so far:

(a) an exhibition of lacework from the Celtic countries,

(b) a talk on the history of lacework and

(c) a demonstration of the national styles of lacework.

If anyone has intrinsic knowledge of lacemaking in Celtic countries get in touch! Otherwise you can just join up here for a chat:


The poor underused Woolly Way Forum:

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KerryFelter said...

Yay! I can't wait. I didn't go to one single event in the Pan Celtic last year. Now I must read up so I have some clue and will come to the demos prepared to pick up some knowledge!! Good for you for organizing it....