Friday, November 19, 2010

Belated Halloween Post...and Bring back the Paper-Chain this Christmas!

We were the last on our road to put Halloween decorations, and the last to take them down. (finally got it together yesterday). Another point, is we were the only ones to put up only hand-made decorations.

Everyone else had the same plastic/glow-in-the-dark tat from China. I didn't buy any, because I dont believe in buying all that crap. It's not just the money, I'm not being a miser. It's well, the 2nd reason, what better projects to do with the kids on a rainy day!

For me as a kid, that was the whole thing about celebrations. Spending days up your eyeballs in paint, glue and glitter... So, anyway, here's some of the stuff we made, now safely stowed for next year, and now it's time to get going on the Christmas decorations.

Having a chat with a friend, we were talking about the ole days, the days of the paper chain. The days of cutting and stitching, tears and repairs. It's about creating memories for your kids. Kids are so confined these days, because of our fears, safetly from cars, strangers, etc... We dont realise they dont have that sense of being kids that we had. So, I'm saying for the sake of giving kids happy memories, this most memerable of Christmasses (the Christmas the IMF came), don't buy the plastic tat from China, bring back the paper-chain this Christmas.

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sheknitupthat said...

Gorgeous decorations! And a very timely message too, with xmas around the corner.