Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dealing with WIP's

Doing OK so far on the Yarnaholic 10 Step Withdrawal Programme. Although I still only have 3 steps thought up of so far, I felt that was enough to deal with.

"RULE NO 3: Dig out all WIP and frogged projects and finish them before starting any other. Found a few very old projects under the couch today. Spun yarn waiting to be washed, bag and blanket waiting to be felted, bag needs lining, etc..."

The past week, I have dealt with all the WIP/frogged projects that were under the couch. Here is the finished projects... my son insisted on modelling for me, and he did a pretty fine job too.

180g 2ply handspun Ashford Merino/Silk from The Yarn Room

170g 2 ply handspun.
Don't ask me what this is, I lost the label, there loads of different fibres in it. Batt from Rockpoolcandy

200g 2ply Handspun Jacob from Kerry Woollen Mills

Crocheted bag made from first handspun yarn. Tried to felt it, but Irish yarn just doesn't felt well. (Good for beginner spinners who are nervous at washing their precious handspun!!)

Shopping bag made from vintage linen string, scrap upholstery fabric and salvaged lining


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