Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coral Reef Day in Cork!

OK, any Corkonians out there who can crochet, I need your help!

I have just been given the go ahead to stage a one day event as part of THE SPACE GALLERY in Cork.

"The Space Gallery is run by Cork Contemporary Projects, a multi-disciplinary collective who until now have operated utilising free spaces in the city for temporary exhibition sites. The Space, located on the top floor of No. 7 South Mall is the first permanent site CCP have secured and operates as an artist-led initiative which aims to provide emerging artists with a city centre location to practice, collaborate, network and exhibit."

The Plan

The plan is to have info about the project, and basically an open crocheting session. I particularly want to work on the toxic reef. So I will be bringing my 3 months worth of plastic midden along, and will hopefully be turning it into some beautiful but toxic coral...

Anyone interested in helping me out for the day, for a few hours, or even a few minutes is very, very welcome. Especially anyone that can explain the sciency stuff...Or if anyone has any ideas....PLEASE get in touch stitchlilyATgmailDOTcom

I also thought, it might be a good way to gather up any coral already made, as I'll be driving up to the Science Gallery at the deadline date. Anyone who would like to drop off their coral, and save on postage is very welcome. I'll have more info hopefully in a few days, when I get my s*... I mean thoughts together....

16th January 2010 - everyone welcome!!

(Times to be confirmed)


Cork Contemporary Projects
Top Floor
No. 7 South Mall
Cork City



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