Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crocheted Coral Reef Workshop IN DUBLIN!!

Due to internet problems and general life-stuff, I have been very quiet of late. I have been making a few things, but I just haven't gotten round to talking about them. I've just been chilling out the past few weeks, catching up on reading and walking. We've had a lovely September, and October so far (touch wood), and it has been lovely to be able to go for little walks every day.

Detail of Hyperbolic Samplar I made in 2008

Anyone who has been reading this blog knows I became a bit obsessed about crocheting coral for a while in 2008. In fact bored the pants of anyone who would listen to me...but I have just heard some news that will make my family and friends groan.... The Margaret Wertheim, the mathematician who came up with the whole Hyperbolic crocheted thing, is doing a workshop in Dublin, at the Science Gallery, on 24th October, with a view to creating an Irish Coral Reef!!

Can you imagine how excited I was to hear, I immediately booked tickets, though I haven't figured out about babysitters, getting there, etc, I don't care. I am not missing this for the world!! I have to laugh at the fact that in my enthusiasm for coral in 2008 I emailed the Science Gallery about the reef, and suggested maybe we should get one together, but got no reply... Maybe Ireland wasn't ready for such a venture back then, but it is definitely ready for one now!! The proposed Irish Reef will take place alongside the International Coral Reef sometime in Spring 2010.

So anyone that can barely crochet, or crochet well, believe me, it is so much fun, and easy to make, you could come along too. Tickets are free, but places are limited, you just have to go onto the Science Gallery website, and click GET TICKETS. Already a few Ravelry heads, have signed up.

So be prepared to be bored silly for the next 8/9months with obsessive coral making, that I have only just recovered from. would you believe I was just about to throw out my big bag of coral that's been sitting there since last years Electric Picnic! I didn't know what to do with it....but now I do....


Bionic Laura said...

Oh excellent! Thanks for letting us all know about this. I booked my tickets. I didn't even check the date but when I did I discovered I have a yearly caving shindig that weekend. I'm not going to the caving shindig as this is too cool to miss!
Hopefully we can meet in the cafe beforehand. I think she may be surprised to meet a bunch of crochet nuts who have already made coral. I'm sure she will be only too delighted to see your bag of coral!

Irene said...

Yer an auld star!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

The ticket is booked and we will meet! Yes? Yes! Can't wait!

Stitchlily said...

Laura, that's dedication, missing a caving shindig! Hope the hubby doesn't mind....He was patient enough with me at EP for hogging you!!

Irene, we'll definitely meetup for a chat, either before or after (and maybe in between the workshop!!)

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day StitchLily
You go for it girls... We have just had our big Show & Tell in Sydney PowerHouse Museum in August... I even flew done there to have a look see at what others had made & to see mine... it's all so exciting... All the best & enjoy... B

Anonymous said...

hey, dear coral passionista :-)

you might like to read this before heading to workshop!
see ya there!

Anonymous said...

forgot to paste - :-) :-)