Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Blog

I've started another new blog, no I'm not a blog addict, it's just I'm trying to focus myself.... If that's possible...

This one is called Stitchlily's Stuff. It's basically going to be patterns, tips, techniques, that I keep promising folk I'll post here on this blog but never get round to . Well, that's my plan for this winter. I am going to focus on all the things I've said I would do but haven't... and focus on writing patterns and techniques.

I've decided to put them on a new blog, because I tend to waffle a bit much here, and I know some people just want to get straight to the useful stuff. If I had a website this might be all neatly organised in one place, but I don't and I wont in the foreseeable future. I spend too much time on the computer as is! I plan on spending the winter holed up with my crochet hook and spinning wheel. All other crafts and activities will just have to wait until the Spring...


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