Sunday, August 9, 2009

Electric Picnic...what else...

The official Greencrafts schedule is up on the Electric Picnic website...and I come across as a superwoman; a super-multi-tasking-fibre-woman.

Well, yea, if you look at the list, I am a super-multi-tasking-fibre-woman but I think the words these days are Polycraftual or Bi-stitchual, or ....anyone any other words?? (Don't say mad...please...I get enough of that already...). It's just a pity I can't make anything useful, or sell-able...

Anyway, here's the real blurb for workshops and demonstrations at the Electric Picnic...


The Triple R Fibre Feis
Recession-busting, Re-cycled, Re-usable Textile Workshops

This year we’re all things green at the Electric Picnic. We propose to have three sections within our stand; workshops, education, and demonstration. On all things textile, and all things green.


workshops sessions

We will run a variety of recession-busting, re-usable, re-cycling textile workshops. We supply the materials and the technique: you supply the imagination.

Guerrilla Embroidery: Release Your Inner Hoarder:
You can use any materials you like from our Big Box of Bits. A hoard of beads, bits and bling the Vikings would be proud of…

Alternative yarn:
Have you got lots of old clothes, plastic bags, and newspapers around the house? Learn how to cut fabric into usable yarn, make newspaper yarn, and plarn (yarn from plastic bags).

Spindle/Spin: DIY Madness:
Learn to make your own spindle with sticks, of CDs, and anything else we can find. Then learn to spin on it!!

Time: 1am- 3pm
Booking: Workshops are run on a drop-in basis, a max of 5 participants at any one time.
Price: €2 per item made


workshop session

Deep down we know the Electric Picnic love textiles as much as us. Why else would they use a patchwork blanket for the 2009 logo! We are going to be crocheting triangles, and sewing them together to be our Electric Picnic Blanket

Time: 3pm-6pm
Price: Free!



Release Your Inner Granny
We will have a Sit and Stitch area, where you can chill and chat about all things fibre. A box of knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn will be on hand for anyone that gets the urge.

UN International Year of Natural Fibres 2009
To help promote this worthy cause, we will have fact sheets to read, on various natural fibres, with samples to feel and touch. From the ones commonly know, such as linen and hemp, to maybe the ones you mightn't know of, e.g. coir, angora, abaca, etc. We will also have reading sheets on textile eco-labeling, e.g. organic, fair-trade.

Time: Open all day!
Price: Free!

It's just over 3 weeks and counting, and I still have a lot to prepare...


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