Monday, February 16, 2009

Nick Cave is a Fibre Artist!

Well, I am already a big fan of the man, but when I came across an article about Nick Cave's recent exhibition of highly imaginative, mixed-media, wearable sculptures....

...I was astounded.

Reading quickly through the press stuff it says he studied Fibre Art, and blah, blah, and I'm thinking, I knew he was broad minded (we all remember gasping with horror when we heard he was going to do a duet with Kylie, and look how she turned out...) but the honour of the man is steadily rising in my eyes..

So, I admit, it took me a few minutes before I realised it wasnt said same Nick Cave, but another.


I know, Nick is great, but not that great...There should be a law against this, people having the same name, to stop tired people like me from making silly mistakes like this. Like you do with racehorses.

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