Friday, February 13, 2009

All love and hearts

Its a bit late for me to be putting up how to make Valentines stuff, thought it was the plan. So, here is some stuff, maybe I'll get the instructions together for next year..

I just couldn't get some nice photos of the smaller ones.. so I just ended up scanning are a bit rough...

Ideas for Emergency Valentine Cards

Materials: different coloured Card, last years valentines card, shiny sweet wrapper, string, glue

Woven paper Heart

Materials: paper, scissors

Valentine Cards

Materials: Red card, red paper, sweet wrappers, glue, scissors, red bead things, glue

Paper Flower

Materials: 3 paper bun cases, 1 handle of paper bag, scissors

Crocheted Flower

Materials: 1.25 hook, thin wool (2 shades of red, 1 maroon)

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