Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Books

I have owned and lost some beautiful books over the years. Some were borrowed and never returned, some simply vanished between various moves across the country. Mostly its my fault, for some reason I hate asking people to return things, maybe its an Irish guilt thing. Maybe its because I hate feeling attached to things, things that can be lost, and pretend I dont need or want them.

My first real book trauma, was when I moved from Dublin to Dingle, Co. Kerry. I ended up selling about 6/7 cardboard boxes of books to a bookshop for €50, because he was the only one who would collect them. I hadn't read all of them, but I had read a fair few of them. I had no choice, as all I could take with me had to fit into my mums car, (which at the time was a small Fiat Uno). Duvets, clothes and music also had to fit in there as well.

But I actually miss some of my lost craft books. The Japanese Macrame one, where the illustrations are so good, you don't need to be able to read Japanese (gone at least 10 years). The beautiful, History of Beads, with pull out timeline, and amazing pictures, (also gone 10 years ago). The Directory of Crochet Stitches, which had how to do Aran crochet (prob gone about 7 years). I suppose if I trawled though the net I could find these books again, but I cant remember the name, publisher, etc. Since I get most of my books second-hand, I feel they will come back to me again that way, also I just cant afford to buy them all.

But, since settling down (sort of, I've been in the same house for nearly 3 years, huge achievement on my part), I have created what I think is a fantastic craft library, and I'm going to be possessive and not lose them! I have now developed an upstairs/downstairs system with my books. Downstairs, in the sitting room, I mostly keep novels, reference, etc. Books I don't mind lending out, that I don't mind not coming back. Upstairs, I keep my prized possessions, my craft books, and my favourites, mostly children's illustrated books. Honoured guests can be brought upstairs to admire, discuss but not borrow...

So, just incase I do, stupidly lend one of my beloved craft books, and not ask for it back, I'm going to create a book list, with name, publisher, ISBN, etc...I will be editing this page continuously as I go through all my books, and slowly create a catalogue. If there is any book on the list you covet, (be honest, you covet one or two of them, I did, that's why I bought it!), feel free to ask about it.

Updated to say a big Thank you to Lauria for leaving a comment, and telling me about Librarything. I have been a bit scared of joining Library type things online for fear of seeing too many books I like, but this place is fantastic! If they have my recent purchase of Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin in their data banks, well, then they must be good.... Here is my new Librarything page
(I am currently looking at the books beside me and adding them in, this could take me all night when I'm supposed to be making a tea-cosy. I know that sounds like a cliche, but I am actually making a granny square tea-cosy. So, I'm going to do a shelf every few nights, first shelf now added!!)


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Have you seen http://www.librarything.com/ ?

It is an online library organizing tool. And, if one of your craft books isn't in the Ravelry LIbrary yet, you can use library thing to help get them over there. I haven't tried it myself, but it's certainly very intruiging.

Good luck on keeping your books. It seems like a good system!

Oh, and I'd try checking out your library for books. You never know what you'll find. And it's a great way to "test drive" books before you buy! (I don't know what your libraries are like across the pond, but here you can even get books from different libraries through a network.)

Stitchlily said...

My local library wouldnt be the best, they can get books from other libraries, but they wouldnt be the best either!! I've been afraid to join any Library thing, on Ravelry or elsewhere online for fear of coveting too much! But it is such a handy way of keeping track, I might just take a quick peek, thanks for the link...

Michelle said...

I am obsessed with books. I drive my poor husband crazy. He always says he used to love books...then he met me. ;0) The sad thing is, it isn't even my books. 75% of my books are packed away in the attic. (I, also, can't bear to part with my books. I'm a stingy only child that never learned how to share. I don't even usually lend mine out! lol) It's the kids' books that drive him batty. We need to go to the library more and the book clubs less!

Stitchlily said...

I come from a healthy-sized Irish family, so sharing was something we had no choice in..As for the kids books, I'm not letting my toddler near my illustrated story books until he's 18 and wears cotton gloves!!

Yarrow said...

I book fiend too, only I'm from a large Filipino family on my mother side so most of my young adult/childhood books went to cousins in the Philippines so I feel your pain lol. I'm actually trying to purge a lot of the books I don't plan on reading again, so hard to part with.

~CLF Member AzureChango :p

Nancy said...

I can soooo understand this! My hubby keeps telling me I have to go thru the books in my "Library" since he won't be making me anymore shelfs to put ion the cases. (I won't tell him the paperbacks are double stacked!)

I also learned the hard way to not lend any out anymore. It hurts when they don't come home! lol