Friday, September 5, 2008

Toilet Dolly Competition

This is my entry into the Toilet Dolly Competition
run by the Natural Dye Studio.

I call her Miss Kitty Cat. I wanted to use the traditional idea of a doll and dress to cover the Toilet Roll, but put a twist on it.

All the dolls will be sold by auction on EBay to raise money for the Mirasol Project . The auction will start on November the 1st 2008. So, get the paypal accounts ready, its for a great cause.

Here is some info on the Project:

The Mirasol Project is named after a young Quechua girl who, with her brother, tends 350 alpacas. Its aim is to fight poverty and encourage community development. As well as providing accommodation, meals and health-care, the boarding-house will be a centre where the children can develop personal, occupational and communication skills and study techniques in specialised after-school workshops. The centre will foster the principles of peace, tolerance and equality with a respect for human rights and basic freedom. As well as an awareness of other cultures, the centre will also focus on the preservation of the language, culture and tradition of the children and their families. The architectural design of the boarding-house makes use of local materials and know-how. In its physical, social and educational aspects, value is placed upon local knowledge However, in addition to preserving local traditions, the centre has a creative and innovating function in preparing its children for a changing and challenging future.

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