Friday, September 5, 2008

Electric Fish

Most of the Fish I made for my display are made from recycled materials. Scrap plastics, leftover bits and bobs from previous workshops, charity shop finds. I think its important to promote imagination, in using everyday items, especially when working with kids. As well as promoting recycling, it also means the kids will be able to make things from stuff they have at home and so parents don't have to fork out for expensive art materials. As I was promoting crochet, each of the fish had some part of it crocheted, eg tail, eye, etc

Teachers - these make great Fabric and Fibre Projects!

Here's some of the materials I used:
coat hangers, chicken-wire, cardboard, tights, pop-socks, plastic bags, scrap wool and coloured threads, toilet paper, hessian, buttons, treasury tags, wool labels, scrap netting.....

I think these are my favourites. The tights and socks worked so well over the coat hangers. The seam of the toes became the mouth. they didn't even need much adding to it. On this one, I just cut out fins and tail from hessian, and basic single crochet in black wool, then sewed them on. The buttons were a charity shop find.

I rarely use patterns but these guys were just too hard to pass up on. Most I find on Crochet Pattern Central, but I occasionally buy one, like the Seahorse. I think it was worth the few dollars.

Seahorse, goldfish, starfish

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