Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sailors Society Mad Hat Competition

I wasn't sure when winners were going to be announced, and have been doing little searches online to try find out. I wanted to see the other hats, but I couldn't find any info, bar what the competition was about. Its a pity really, because it would have given the Sailors Society more publicity. Its a charity that works to help sailors from all over the world, gives them Woolly Hats, old mobiles, advice, etc. Having lived in a busy fishing port, and seen the how dangerous the sea can be, I loved the idea of doing something for this Charity. I've a thing about boats, the sea, and have, ahh shiver me timbers, some boat-building salty ancestors in the family.

I received a letter yesterday to announce the winners of the Sailors Society and Twisted Threads Catch a Sailors Fancy Mad Hat competition (phew, what a mouthful). and although I didn't win, my Jellyfish meets Couture hat was awarded Commended - Individual Category! to quote.

I wish I could see some photos of them! They sent a list of winners and commended, and they sound hilarious. The overall winner of the Individual category was

Giant felted and sequined fish on head by Jill Wright

Other commended hats were :
Fish and chips platter on orange bonnet
Mermaid with blue lurex bra on blue-green hat
Desert Island with palm tree and dolphin.

These are hats for god's sake! I need pictures!

You had the choice of putting them up for auction to raise more money, and it would be great to see how much they get for them. They are travelling around with the Knit and Stitch shows in England, but I don't think they are coming over here, I did ask...

If anyone has any pics, links, anything, please let me know, I'd love to see this Mad Collection.

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