Saturday, August 23, 2008

All Quiet on the Blog Front

I have made loads of stuff for the Electric Picnic and am dying to upload photos and patterns, but there just isn't the time!!

I'm finalising my display items, adding a bit here and there. I was hoping to do a big display on using recycled materials with crochet, but alas, TIME as usual, I have only a few samples. But I hope they're enough to give you ideas, on the possibilities and fun you can have using everyday Found objects.

I plan to take a total break from making anything in September, and concentrate on writing up patterns, and catching up on the neglected housework. Even to the point I have decided not to take part in Hat Attack (...I was very torn turning that down...)

But, one thing I'm very pleased about, it the Crochet Liberation Front have finally finished the First Ever Book, and I'm happy and proud to be promoting it at the Festival. Its due out in September, and when I have further details, I'll post them (dates, ISBN etc...)

So, enough chat, back to work....

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