Monday, June 16, 2008

This is Knit Scavanger Hunt

It was fun while it lasted, but God, I'm glad its over. I didn't realise how much time would go into it. The taking of the pictures was the easy bit, it was the planning involved, trying to catch this person and that.

Most of the people I talked into getting into the pictures were really nice, and saw the funny side of it. I did feel like a right fool when I got rejections though. One cafe in Tralee, that shall remain nameless, were adamantly against me taking pictures. I went in early so I could catch the staff when they weren't too busy, bought coffee, cake, then asked. The girl called the manager, who was firm bordering on rude, saying they don't allow that kind of thing. Thank god I had asked first, even then, I only asked if I could take a picture of myself knitting, I hadn't even gotten round to the member of staff one. I went over to the Jam cafe, in Ballyseedy Garden Centre, and they were lovely, so they deserve a plug!!

It was hard deciding on some of the photos to enter. After the competition, I will post some of them here on my blog. I have a favourite, but unfortunately, it didn't fit into any category, but it is an aaaaah, lovely moment.

A special thanks to the two men in my life, my long-suffering partner, (he's used to my mad projects) and toddler (he'll get used to it), who accompanied me on my quest, and took some photos for me.

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