Monday, May 19, 2008

Woolly Hats for Sailors

I love making things for charity. I'm usually broke, so I never have much money to donate, but the one thing I have is time (not much, but I'll find it) and scrap wool.

So, when I came across this charity appeal, "Woolly Hats Wanted! The Woolly Hat Campaign provides seafarers arriving in the UK, often ill-prepared for cold weather, with hand-knitted hats to keep them warm during the many months they are at sea." It is run by the UK Sailor Society

I thought this is the one for me. I love anything to do with the sea, and I love making hats, what more could a girl as for?? I've had an email from Tony at the society, and he said they will accept donations from anywhere, so Irish people, get your needles out and make us proud. You can also email them for pattern suggestions.

They are also currently running a competition to design a woolly hat. To enter you need to register before Friday 30Th May and all entries must be received by Friday 1st August 2008. The design brief for the hat is "to create something outrageous, humorous, witty - we want to exhibit hats with attitude!" All entries will be displayed at The Knitting and Stitching Shows this year - NEC Birmingham, (September); at Alexandra Palace in London (October) and in the International Halls in Harrogate (November)

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