Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crocheted Coral

I've finally gotten it together to put up some photos of my donations to the UK Coral Reef Exhibition in London. I have to admit, this has been one of the best projects I've done in years. I've been doing crochet for years, and its great to see it finally getting recognition as a versitile modern skill. there are people out ther who like to make mad stuff like me! Its fantastic!

I've always been into the art of maths, of geometry. And I mean literally the art of it, I havent a clue what any of it means. But if it involves numbers, rulers, compasses, circles and triangles, and wool then I'm into it, infact, I'm in heaven!

This is a group shot of the first batch of Coral. I was in a rush to post it so I didnt get a great photo of them. The deadline date was loomin, so I had to post it quick. But since then they have extended the deadline, so I decided to make a second batch. But this time try get some decent photos.

All my coral is made with a variety of hooks and scrap wool. The remnants I've been saving for years have finally come in handy. (I told my boyfrien they would, but he didnt believe me). I'm finding it very hard not to add fluddy wool to everyting. I dont know why, maybe because it looks more watery??...

This is my second batch, which I will be posting soon. As much as I love making them, I think maybe its time to give the huddy/son/cats/house/garden some attention, I have been happily ignoring everything while I was making these, and things are getting fairly chaotic.

I had great fun taking photos of these. They were taken outdoors, in my son's blue paddling pool, with genuine water drops for the authentic look!

I call these three Squiddy, Browns and Green Tubular. Squiddy was supposed to be a shell, but slowly turned, well, Squiddy. The other two are pretty obivious. I hate naming them, but if I dont, I'll never find them again on my computer. I never remember where I save things.

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