Monday, September 14, 2015

UP-SKILLING: Learning new stuff


As you may know (loyal readers!), I did a course in Digital Design last winter. To try up-skill myself so I could find more work. Sadly, my craft skills do not bring home enough broccoli (I'm a veggie, so no bacon), so I need to explore branching out on my design skills. 

At the end of the last course, I looked around for a continuation course, such as Digital Marketing, or something similar, that I could study online, while looking for some part-time digital work. As you know I am distracted by shiny new things, and I came across a course, that is, well, a shiny new thing. Long story short, I am now enrolled in an online course, a Masters in Digital Culture with UCC. I still cant quite explain what it is, or why it drew me in, but as part of the course I have to chart my research through a blog, so if you are interested in my research, you can read my ramblings and meanderings at

The main areas I hope to research are craft orientated, of course. I would never abandon my true love! (...and my main means of sanity). I have always been interested in using art/craft as a tool, to promote environmentalism, sustainability, community, and health. This course is going to give me the opportunity to really focus in on these areas, from an Irish prospective. Every yarnbomb, every charity knit, every piece of crocheted coral, was all spread through word of digital. It is a yarnistas main mode of communication these days. I'm really looking forward to exploring all these areas, and much more.

I've also started a Facebook page as well,  if you are interested in these areas, or have other ideas, new, old, bold or just plain mad, come and join the conversation. I will probably call on your help at times if you don't mind. You are all invaluable sources of information! I also want to create a project that will coincide with my research, a yarnbomb, charity event, or some plain old protesting, so if you have any ideas or are working on a project already and need a hand, get in touch, I'd love to help (and use you as my research guinea pig).

Ive also started a Pinterest page, for links to cool sites, articles, etc

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